Appliance Sales

  • Let our sales department guide you step by step through your search for that perfect appliance or package. With more years of experience than our competion and more knowledge than all the box stores. Our sales team is factory trained to help you decide which features of any appliance you're looking for is a match for your style and budget.
  • Just select the type of appliance you are searching for below and you will find some helpful hints about shopping for that appliance and why you should have us help.


As the centerpiece of any kitchen, we take choosing the right refrigerator for your remodel seriously. We have a style and size of refrigerator for every family and kitchen. From 26 cubic feet side by sides, to a backup fridge for the garage, give us a call with an idea what you're looking for and our sales department will find the right match for you.

We carry all of the latest styles and traditional models of household refrigerators. All of course on display in our showroom. If your old model quit working, or your looking to re-define your kitchen, we'll be happy to help.


  • When shopping to replace an old refrigerator make sure to get the dimensions of the space the new unit will occupy.
  • Refrigerators come in three basic styles; Side by side, Freezer on top, and Freezer on bottom. Each has it's own strengths depending on the type of install.
  • Keep in mind the size of the refrigerator you want when planning new kitchen constructions, and how the refrigerator is going to get in and out of your kitchen.
  • Looking to upgrade to a model with a water and ice dispenser? Keep in mind the water has to get from the sink to the new refrigerator, we can help.