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  • Let our sales department guide you step by step through your search for that perfect appliance or package. With more years of experience than our competion and more knowledge than all the box stores. Our sales team is factory trained to help you decide which features of any appliance you're looking for is a match for your style and budget.
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Since the Amana Radar-range was introduced many years ago, we have come to depend on our microwave ovens. They save us time and just make life easier in a variety of ways around the kitchen. On the counter, over the range, or built into our cabinetry, different models may have as many features as a new car. Our sales department can point you to the perfect match for your household.

For sales, repair, installation, or even parts! We are your microwave experts.


  • Microwave ovens are measured by their wattage, depending on the type of use we can match you up with the right model.
  • Over the range Microwave hoods are a great space saver option for smaller kitchens, freeing up valuable counter space.
  • Some models of microwaves do not require a rotating tray as the magnetron itself spins, warming the food evenly.