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Range Hoods

Modern kitchen range ventilation has come into its own. No longer is the range hood the noisiest and ungainly appliance in the kitchen, todays models accentuate their form with functionality, and can become the centerpiece to a well designed kitchen.

If you and your designer need a fresh place to start, call our sales department. We can help with new innovative ideas. Conversely if you just need a matching replacement to that old unit that isn't working, we'll help you track it down. Give us a call so we can help.


  • Manufacturers measure performance of Hoods by their CFM (cubic feet per minute) blowing ability, and in some cases their noise output.
  • Modern Hoods host a range of features, some include heat lamps, and in the case of professional style hoods, spice racks etc.
  • Hoods are available in a selection of sizes to compliment kitchen layout and functionality. When replacing an old hood, get the measurements of the opening ahead of time.